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ehow update 3/18/10

So I set my sights high when goal setting last month and had to take a step back in my writing to take care of things in the non-virtual world for about a week. When I came back ready to go I found that ehow is plagued with a variety of new bugs. So I am disapointed to say I don't think I will meet my article writing goal this month. I continue to write and save on my computer all of my articles so that when this batch of bugs are resolved I can post again. The problem is, I still won't be able to post all of them when that happens because I discovered with the last bug that posting too many articles at once also causes a lag in income. You just don't get enough overlapping views when you post say 10 articles at a time. Posting 2 or 3 articles allows you to get a nice viewing/rating start when viewed by your commenting friends, to then bring your article up higher in the search and get more outside views. Because of the publishing problem on ehow I don't expect to make my income goal either as this was set in anticipation of posting a good 50 articles more than I expect to be able to now. However I am looking to earn more money than last month so while not on target with my goal I believe it will be an acceptable number given the publishing delays. Previously ehow was the only site that I wrote for but earlier this month I was approved to write for and have decided to focus my energy there. I am the Children's Craft Examiner for Minneapolis and while I had trouble at first figuring out how to localize crafts I seem to have found my swing now and am enjoying the ride. The big bonus here is that while my ehow earnings have slowed pays me more. In the week and a half I have been writing at I have made as much money in the entire 6 months I spent writing for ehow. Maybe it is due in part to my wonderful ehow friends who are also stymied in their writing and find themselves with more time to look around but so far Examiner has been good to me. If you choose to apply you are certainly welcome to use my name in the referral box (I get a nice bonus if you do) Good luck ehowers I hope we will be up writing again soon! Until then I will just have to be happy that my passive income earning is just that this month, because there is nothing I can do about it.  :)

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