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College Financial Aid Night

So tonight instead of focusing on the kids school we are going to the financial aid night at Century College to see what they have to say. This will be interesting for me as I am very much an "information collector" the more information I have the happier I am. When I went to college last year I really didn't know anything about the process and didn't really learn anything from the school. SO I am excited to go. I am pretty sure that I will get a good amount of my course fees covered by the federal and state pell grants but you never know and I feel it is always best to be over prepared. I am hoping that they will have information on where to find scholarships and grants and tips for applying. That is my biggest concern right now. We have my husband's tuition covered 100% by the GI Bill thanks to his veterans benefits and even a little extra to use for living expenses. This definately cuts back on the stress of returning to school. Now if we could both find a couple of grants or scholarships that can be used to cover tuition, books, or living expenses we would be doing great. I know my husband is worried about making this transition as am I. In the long term we will be much more secure in our jobs and better able to support our children. The now is a bit scary though so I am hoping to get some really great student financial aid tips to help ease us through.

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