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March writing goals

So I have not been meeting my goals for ehow this month... I haven't been able to focus on my writing because of a lot of things going on on. The biggest I think just simply being that my husband had the week off. I love having him home and so do the kids but it does through a wrench in your normal everyday plans. Especially since he took the week off to get ready to return to school. This involved alot of computer time to find and apply for various forms and benefits in order to use his GI Bill. Now he is back at work and we are getting back to our normal schedule. I still hope to make my original goal of 100 published articles by the end of March but am considering that it may be better to scale back and just aim for 1 a day for the rest of the month. My earnings have increased significantly since I started to really work on SEO with keywords and recipes are what I can post the quickest and easiest but really don't earn much. I think that my time would be better spent focusing on articles that take longer to write but will have a much higher earning potential.

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