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Well it turns out I had a virus on my computer. Irritating thing that it was completely blocked my internet access and was generally a pain in the ...  So now thanks to my wonderfully computer literate family I am back online with their help. It's truly amazing what you can find on the internet. So along with being back online regularly there have been many changes lately so look for updtes on those. The biggest to many of us online writers who write for residual income is the change to ehow. I have also gotten a few things straightened out at my sons school, and of course more problems have come up and I am in the middle of a rather large amount of traing for my positions in my sons cub scout pack. Top all of this with my husband being about to leave his current job at the post office for a job selling flooring with the income being commission based only and there has been much stress in our lives lately. Thankfully we have our faith which has helped to guide us through some of the more challenging parts. The positives will forever be greater than the negatives but some days just getting through is a trial. I am wary about the job move my husband is making as it will no longer be straight hourly income which is easy to make a budget off of but know that in the long run it will be a much better move for our family. The reason this change is coming about is because my husband who is a veteran is going to go to college. We entered the military straight out of high school so neither of us attended college while we were moving around and starting a family. It might seem like we are reaching a bit far to be enterening college now with 4 young children but if you keep putting off your education when will you get to it? The time will never be exactly right. So with this in mind we have decided to make the scary but necessary move this spring. With many family and friends with out jobs at times the move seems to be mind boggling and ill thought out, but when you take in to account the stress of a job that pays well but has absolutely no benefits (that's right the government found a way not to pay out benefits) and that they can let you go from with out any notice the immediate future is over weighed by the long term gains. We have been fortunate in the past to always have what we need even when we thought we wouldn't be able to pull it off and are praying that that trend will continue. Working hard to save money now which includes my husband working his 40+ hours at the post office while making contacts within the flooring industry will pay off in the end I am sure.

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