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ehow and Demand Studios

Well there has certainly been alot of talk around this change in the ehow format. Previously anyone could join and post to ehow simply by registering with the site. Now all articles on ehow will be written by writers from Demand Studios and will have to go through an editor before being published. This has caused an uproar at ehow. It is a complete and total reformat and while I like some of the changes, I mean - come on guys some of those writers made us all look bad - there are many more that I am not so thrilled about. The new format calls for all writers to go through the application process to become a Demand Studios writer. I was one of the "lucky" writers who was pre-approved and accepted immediately. It also appears that I was in the very first group to be moved over to the Demand platform as I was able to sign in to Demand the very first day that the announcement went out. What! you say I actually signed on with Demand and am looking at their titles? Don't I know that I will no longer own my content and that I get paid "a pitance" for my work? What about how in the Demand policies it states that they can reprint your articles forever and never have to pay you anything more? Or that it states they can edit and change your work however they want to? Well I am aware of those things. I am also someone who reads everything before agreeing much to the annoyance of all those pencil pushers waiting for me to sign. Because of this I knew when I signed on, that all of these things existed in the DS (Demand Studios) agreement. Now if you have been with me from the beginning when I posted my ehow earnings in exact numbers you will know I was not making much. While I did hope to increase those earnings and was progressing well in February, I faultered in March. While this minimal increase in earnings can be attributed to many factors the largest one in my opinion was actually the ehow publishing bugs. Not having the patience to wait around for the bugs to be fixed repeatedly I went looking elseware for income and found 2 more additional sites. and due to my lack of income on ehow I went into these sites with my eyes wide open and not expecting to make much money. Once I got looking at and realized that I got a base pay of the HUGE amount of $1.00 an article to write locally (find your laughs where you can) I thought it might be more worth it. Turns out the page view payout is higher than ehow as well and there aren't annoying ads all over the side of the articles. So I have been investing alot of time researching and have found that while I personally don't have a problem being paid $15 and article to write a How To article I am not thrilled with the loss of copyright. I have no interest in writing my own titles and getting paid residual on ehow because it never paid me more than $4 an article before anyways... So when it comes to the new writing platform and the changeover on ehow I am still going in with my eyes wide open and if I find an article I feel I can write on accurately with out a days worth of research I will probably take it. So far nothing has caught my eye so I am focusijng on my other writing platforms like and Redgage.

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